“DOWELL” нь бизнес эрхлэгчдэд мэргэжлийн стратеги төлөвлөлтөд суурилсан маркетингийн зөвлөх үйлчилгээ болон мэдээлэл харилцааг удирдагч, орчин үеийн Пи Ар-ын хөгжингүй арга, туршлага, бүтээлч сэтгэлгээг тусгасан брэндийн сурталчилгааны компанит ажлыг төлөвлөн гүйцэтгэх үйл ажиллагааг санал болгодог.

Support and optimization

Tech Expert service offers support and optimization for your devices and programs that include training, set-up of your devices, and troubleshooting, available whenever you need.

Live local agents 24/7

Get experts to troubleshoot for you by connecting to your computer remotely.

Set-up and configuration

Get help to set up and configure your computer, home network and devices as well as profiles and privacy settings for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


An expert can teach you about:
- Your computer or device's features
- Internet safety and security
- Social media basics
- Moving pictures and videos from your camera to your computer

Anti-virus and anti-spyware
Protect your computer from viruses and spyware, prevent new threats from entering, detect malware and get it removed.

Personal firewall
Protect your computer from in/out-bound connection attempts – from the Internet and local networks, set rules to filter which connections to allow and block as well as track attempts to connect to your computer.

Parental control
Protect your children from inappropriate Internet content and restrict access to games, chat and file-sharing.

Fraud protection (anti-phishing)
Prevent disclosure of personal information to fraudulent websites, get alerts about potential phishing and receive advanced warning of risky websites in search results.

System optimization
Use the tune-up tool to improve system speed and improve your system’s performance based on user-profiles.

Data protection
Keep online transactions private and secure, store and protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords and permanently delete sensitive files.

Includes automatic updates
Get regular updates to your Internet Security Services software.

Нийт усны эзлэхүүн 381 км³

Хөвсгөл дэлхийн арван долоон эртний нуурын нэг, 2 сая гаруй жилийн настай хэмээн тооцоолсон байдаг


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